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We don't just store your wines, we take care of them!


All light has UV rays – even fluorescent lights. They create potential faults ie cloudiness as it degenerates the organic compound in the wines. We store all our wines covered, if it comes in loose, we will repack them. At WineBond, we are using LED lights with the lowest possible emission of UV.


All customers are allocated a specific location for individual storage to ensure that the wines are not mixed up with others.


We keep the whole area at 11 degrees 24/7, 365 days. We believe that this is the best temperature for the wines to age gracefully over a long period of time.

Another important factor is temperature fluctuations, this can do more harm than wines being stored at a higher temperature! It is also the major cause of wine fault. So we are kept notified via a computerised system that measures even 1 degree of change in the mean temperature for the warehouse.


Our warehouse is in a secured compound which has 24/7 security guards on patrol and over 60 perimeters camera in place. To access the warehouse, you will need to have an authorised key card and also pass thru a face recognition device via the office.

We are not and never have been a wine trader. We only offer the wine exchange services to our internal customers when requested by our customers.


is also an important requirement as all natural cork is porous. Even when stored lying down, one side is still exposed to air. If the cork dries out, air will seeps in and oxidise the wines.

With the exception of Champagne which has to be store up right (as we do for all the vintage Champagne) lying down will cost the cork to be damp in the long run, shrink the cork, loss of the natural bubbles. At WineBond, even NV Champagnes are stored upright.

Relative humidity is kept at 70% for the entire warehouse.